L’Alga Bolster Lotion


Post chemical service. Repairs, nourishes, and enhances smooth hair while fortifying hair and scalp. Improves thickness, softness, and shine; assists natural regrowth & healing. Treats damaged, over-processed, and dry hair.


The unique BOLSTER NOURISHING LOTION, highly concentrated active treatment repairs and conditions aging, damaged, over-processed, and dry hair. Assists natural growth, makes hair healthy-looking, and delays the growth of grey hair. The revitalizing scalp treatment is based on a bio-technology formula that provides intensive nourishment to each hair shaft from within. The AlgaNord 5™ complex, Biotin, and Magnesium combine to create a heat-activated thermal shield which forms an optimal environment for lustrous hair growth and protection from heat-damage – for hair that looks and feels healthier, softer, thicker, and denser.




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