L’Alga Fortifying & Restructuring Travel Set

Original price was: £59.50.Current price is: £45.00.

Seawet Shampoo

L'Alga Seawet Shampoo 250ml

L'Alga Seawet Shampoo - 100ml


Refreshes, restores moisture, enhances softness, fortifies and energizes hair and scalp.

Sealush Serum

L'Alga Sealush Serum 100ml

L'Alga Sealush Serum - 100ml


Serum. Thermal shield. Leave-in. Rebuilds hair shaft, treats broken keratin, protects, energizes, smooths, improves and balances hair and scalp.

Original price was: £59.50.Current price is: £45.00.


Gift Set contains Seawet Shampoo 100ml + Sealush Serum 100ml + Travel Bag


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